Coal Mine Case Study

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Strategic management principles are vital in setting guidelines and regulations that help a company relate with its employees and a company’s interaction in the corporate world. Strategic management principles help ensure that a firm sticks to its objectives, conformity to the environment and that the firm maximally makes good use of the market. This research paper shows how Pike River Coal Mine went against the strategic management principles and resulted loss of lives and destruction of lots of property. Outsourcing is a strong complement for internal resources required for applications in development activities. Some projects are as a result of unusual circumstances or do not occur more frequently than most of other computing activities. Such…show more content…
Pike River Coal Mine did not achieve the goals it had set in the strategic management plan such as developing a world-class coal mining company with a safe working environment, good environmental management and conservation of leaders. However, due to other challenges like inadequate and unskilled labour supply meant that some of the well-qualified staff be recruited from oversees among other challenges that made it difficult to work efficiently. the board and the management also contributed to the explosion as they did little to promote safety and proper health environment for the workers and also failing to listen to the workers. It is therefore important that while executing decisions, a company should engage other parties so that everyone works comfortably. Companies should, additionally, make decisions that do not result into environmental degradation and pollution for example; PRCM could have reduced the emission of methane and disposal of other
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