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Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. Any group of people could form “teams”, but when you form a group where everyone can work together and teach each other things such as self-respect and self-confidence, you have teamwork. When everyone is struggling, why not help each other out? Coach Ken Carter in demand of respect and commitment transforms a group of teenage boys into a group of young men in the movie Coach Carter. The fact that Coach Carter had transformed this group of boys is not why I enjoyed this movie. My interest moves more towards how he transformed these boys. He taught these boys to value themselves not only as a team, but also as individuals. He also taught them to look at something more than the moment at hand; and look more into the future.
Whether or not we want to acknowledge it, what we do now reflects our future. And with the facet of education and future preparatory, I find this probably one of my favorite message throughout Coach Carter. First, Coach’s focal goal was to tell these boys that they don’t have to end up on the street, dead or in jail. He wanted them to know that after basketball they could do something with their lives. He told them “I will do everything in my power to get you to college and a better life.” Another show of explaining my interest towards the educational division of Coach Carter was how Coach was explaining to the boys how "This is a system designed for you all to fail,” when referring to the education system at Richmond High School. I had to really ruminate on this comment. Coach clarified that Richmond only graduated 50% of their class. And of that 50% only 6% go to college. He told them “you’re 80% more likely to ...

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...n falls so does the rest of the team. And, with all of the examples of teamwork, those would have to be my favorite examples throughout Coach Carter.
Even by just watching this movie, I felt the strong understand of challenging yourself for the better instead of going with the status quo of failure. Instead of accepting what seems to come for you, change your future, because every moment counts. And just because you may not win every time, doesn’t mean you didn’t learn anything. You could’ve learned education, self worth, and individuality within a team. Now you’ve won something that could change a person for a lifetime. And that’s why I really enjoyed this movie. I enjoyed the opportunities to interpret the obvious messages differently. That’s why someone else might get a different vibe out of the Coach Carter. And that’s more than I could hope for in a movie.

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