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845 words

The main character in the film Coach carter directed by Thomas,carter the film was under a positive light for Coach Ken Carter who is the main character of the plotline. Coach Carter to present himself as the Protagonist shown in a positive light Coach Carter is presented in the film in this case positively.The use of Lighting in the film has put viewers in the position to see Coach Carter in a very Positive light. Having Bright lighting in a room represents positive vibes with darkness showing negativity and evilness and horror in all in one an example of that is Coach Carter being respected in a positive way is when he is with his team richmond high school oilers on his first day His speech about the team's attitudes and his ways …show more content…

Though Coach Carter is shown with a great heart at this time as he gives the team the opportunity to improve their studies over basketball as education is crucial in these circumstances and with him teaching the team this shows him being seen positively for the viewers the Dialogue was very crucial in positioning a viewer to think of a character in this case Coach Carter in a positive light. The use of Lighting against Coach Carter is present with a flash of light and the use of the Hopeful and positive speeches which brings this character forward as positive towards the team and others throughout the …show more content…

This was purposely done to show viewers that carter is being shown to be more dominant over principal usually angles normally show in a film who holds the power at that particular time in this case we know from the film that Carter holds the power and this is shown through different types of camera angles. Camera shots used in this film is to position viewers to think a particular way towards a character and Coach Carter is sometimes seen up close in intense situations like when racial comments are used in the gym by the team. Close ups show facial and emotional expressions based on what has been said and carter is we all know presented to be very well educated with being known that he knows what is said is wrong and he discusses the wrongs about it with the team. We are positioned by this so that we can feel for carter as we know he comes from really good intentions and that he is also of course well educated to know what was said was wrong. But in general the use of camera shots is to

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the film coach carter was presented in a positive light for coach ken carter who is the main character of the plotline. bright lighting in the room represents positive vibes with darkness showing evilness and horror.
  • Analyzes how the movie wanted the viewers to see coach carter under a positive way at the time of struggles with principal.
  • Analyzes how the symbolic objects are for the viewers to feel a certain good perspective towards the people in the movie.
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