Co-Teaching Model Essay

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The Co-Teaching System

An inclusion model I would implement in the school system for the disabled children would be a Co-Teacher model. There are many great benefits to this model, such as; A specialized teacher specifically for them to help them whenever needed, relieves stress on teacher, and it provides a safe classroom for the disabled children.

Teachers are the models of life; they nurture our children to become the best they can be. But sometimes the joker of the deck will come out eventually and the teacher may have no experience on how to deal with it. This may make the disabled student uncomfortable, unsafe, confused, and very frustrated. This will cause tension between the teacher and the student, ultimately leading to a failing
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They should have all information on child necessities and help the child achieve their goals. The Co-Teacher will work with all of the student’s teachers, to have access on his or her student they are assigned to. The Co-Teacher will also work heavily with the child’s parents, this will grow good relationships with the parents and also acknowledging that they are here to help the child. This specialized teacher will help the child in whatever they may need assistance in, whilst growing their independence and interaction with the student’s classmates. The Co-Teacher will mold into their child’s learning process. The Co-Teacher is allowed to teach one-on-one with the student, this provides an amazing advantage to their growth. They have a teacher specifically for them and helps the student in this environment they are in. But the Co-Teacher must also be aware that the child must interact with other children in positive ways. That they are able to participate in classroom activities even when they are not around. The Co-Teacher will document their child’s progress, this will help them on what they need to work on, and what they can build from on their child’s growth. But it won’t be easy, if it isn’t obvious, the Co-Teacher must show a lot of patience and empathy. The Co-Teacher will also be provided with tools helps their child
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