Clovis Police Case Study

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A settlement between between a former Clovis resident and the Clovis Police Department was reached on September 2016. A payment of $650,000 was to be paid to George Macias Jr. by the City. In the lawsuit it stated Officer Cleaver started the violent confrontation against Macias. While Officers Cleaver, Gonzalez, Taifane, Velazquez concocted their accounts of the event. In the lawsuit it stated Macias Jr., being a former high school football star was arrested for not giving his motorcycle key to the officers upon request and once handcuffed he was positioned in a way inside the patrol car that made the ride very uncomfortable. His knees were up to his chest inside the vehicle and decided to move his hands from the back to the front. Officer Cleaver noticed what he had done, pulled over and called back up. Officer Cleaver tased Macias Jr. twice, while Officers Velasquez and Taifane punched him several times. The management problem we have here are officers who escalated a situation to a point where excessive physical use was not necessary. And we had these officers fabricate a story in order to…show more content…
How Macias was place, his knees to his chest was not safe and could have potentially cause harm. Had Officer Cleaver been involved in a car accident Macias would’ve been injured severely or possibly be dead because of his seating arrangements. Had he survived the incident I’m sure another lawsuit would’ve been filed against the Clovis Police Department and the City of Clovis. A bigger vehicle such as a van or SUV would be suffice to transport people meeting that criteria. It is similar to the rides at amusement parks that you have to meet its criteria in order to ride, but instead of being a ride on a roller coaster, it is a ride in a patrol

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