Cloude Frederic Bastiat Research Paper

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Cloude Frederic Bastiat Was a famous French Economist Journalist, born in 1801 in Bayonne France in 1801 a port city west of France. Bastiat was raised by a business family, his father being a important businessman. He lost both of his parents at a young age so he was left to be raised by his grandfather. At the age of 17 he left school to go and work in the family’s export business. While he worked there he learned all the negative affects the trade restrictions were causing during that time. Also around that time the Napoleonic Wars were going on so the trading with Great Britain wasn’t doing well. At the age of 25 he inherited the family’s estate after the death of his grandfather. The inheriting of the business allowed him to proceed in higher education since now he could afford going to college. Bastiat wrote several articles throughout his life time, his first article was published in 1834 it was a response to a petition of merchants to eliminate the tariffs in agricultural items but to keep them on manufactured goods. Bastiat believed the farmers were right in wanting to remo...
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