Cloud Computing: Communication and Collaboration

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Cloud computing is rapidly increasing at a remarkable rate among businesses including small and midsize businesses (SMBs). SMBs have found certain attributes of cloud computing rather beneficial which include communication and collaboration along with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). It is reported that communication and collaboration are two important attributes for SMBs and these can be easily carried out with cloud computing. Cloud computing provides an avenue for easy and effective methods of collaboration among employees, partners, clients and any other stakeholders of the business in order to ensure efficiency and keep the business running smoothly. There is an expectancy of growth in the use of cloud computing among SMBs due to the flexibility and agility that it provides. The company is also able to achieve its goals as it relates to collaboration and communication resulting in the company saving time and money and ultimately gaining a competitive advantage. The need for this service has also become necessary with the increased use in BYOD in businesses, (Tejada, 2014).
There several reasons for individuals and companies to engage in collaboration using the cloud. This is mostly due to the widespread use of mobile device now than ever. Hence, there is need for collaboration in order to made decisions and to effectively carry out the processes involved in the work. Employees are now required to be more involved in robust unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions to efficiently conduct business and carry out their tasks, (CDW, 2012).
Seven of the main reasons for the use of collaboration features include:
1. The use of cloud services reduces costs and proves beneficial to companies especially those operati...

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