Cloud COmputing as an Advanced Technology

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Cloud computing as an advanced technology, its uses is rising rapidly and it is being paid a more developing consideration in the systematic, commerce and business field. It is based on the Internet, on which resources that can be shared as like storage, software and information are provided with computers and devices on the requirement. This emerging technology has ability to access a general collection of resources on demand. In place of buying separate physical devices as servers, storage, or any networking apparatus, customers give out these resources from a cloud provider as an outsourced service.
Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient and on demand network access to a shared group of computing resources that can be rapidly released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction [1]. Concept of this new trend started from 1960 used by telecommunication companies until 1990 offered point to point data circuits and then offered virtual private networks. But due to network traffic and make network bandwidth more efficient introduced cloud to both server...
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