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Since the 1970’s Urban Outfitters INC. has produced a wide selection of clothing brands for the younger generation. Urban Outfitters INC. includes Free People, BHLDN, Anthropologie, Terrain and Urban Outfitters. The beginning of Urban Outfitters INC. started out in Philadelphia for college students, their fun loving affordable clothing appealed to students who were living under a college budget. It’s known for its “hipster” and “free thinking” clothing that would appeal to the younger generation. However in present day it seems as if the original purpose of Urban Outfitters INC. has been lost. The prices of clothing at Urban Outfitters and at their sister stores has increased drastically to where college students can barely afford it. Throughout the recent years Urban Outfitters INC. has found itself in multiple issues that effects the sales of their stores. For instance being reprimanded for their designs, being sued for stolen designs and having a president who supports anti-gay polictians. Considering all the negative aspects to Urban Outfitters and the loss of their traditional purpose Americans should not support Urban Outfitters Inc. Richard Hayne the founder of Urban Outfitters Inc. is the mastermind behind this worldwide known clothing store. Hayne created the little store in Philiadelphia that has become an iconic urban hipster store. Being a college hippie himself Hayne understood the need to be free at a young age, his store appeals to the younger generation because of the independent mind of a young adult. Young minds are very liberal and open to numerous ideas so wasn’t it ironic that the founder of Urban Outfitters supported Rick Santorum an anti-gay activist. Hayne gave around $13,000 to support Santorum’s pol... ... middle of paper ... March, by the time the summer months came these bed bugs were in the break room of the employees. Many employees complained about receiving itches while at work. To get the press off their back Urban Outfitters released a statement: “We employ a third-party exterminator to test for bed bugs at all our retail locations in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn on a monthly basis. We've had our 14th St. and 6th Ave. location inspected by exterminators and certified bed-bug sniffing dogs every month since September 2010, and twice a month since March of this year.(2012) In July, two isolated bed bug-related incidents occurred in employee-only areas of this store, and so we immediately implemented the treatment protocol recommended to us by our third-party exterminator.” However a source claimed that these exterminators came some months and didn’t in others (Baker).

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