Clothing In The Bible Essay

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Clothing in the Bible has usually been regarded as less important when determining significance in scripture. Not to say that it is of utmost importance, but it does serve as a visual aid God uses to point people towards Himself. In fact, clothing as a symbol has never been new, since clothing has been used as a symbol consciously and unconsciously, to represent religion, class, occupation, or for practical use, such as warmth for the winter. Commonly, clothing has been used as a means to an end, whether it is to be warm, to perform some kind of ritual, to show off wealth and power, or to simply be presentable in everyday life. Clothing could also be used distinctly as a work of art. Clothing is going to have symbol, whether it is meant to or not. The question is, how exactly is the symbol of clothing portrayed in the Bible? The symbolism of clothing in the Old Testament overall represents God’s mercy to his people, Israel in His promise to always be their God. I would love to go through the whole narrative of scripture from beginning to end, but for the sake of time and our brains, Genesis is a plausible and sensible place to start, since the Judea-Christian story begins there. Photograph Forest by Настя Мел. Photograph Forest by Настя Мел. Fantasizing what the garments of fig leaves/tree bark would look like…show more content…
Notice in Genesis 3 how the first humans immediately sensed an urgent need for covering up after partaking of the

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