Clothing Factories: Hennes Women´s Clothing in Sweden

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Sixty seven years ago one of the most successful clothing stores opened up just for women's clothing in Sweden. Eleven years later the original “Hennes” changed its names to Hennes & Mauritz. “Hennes” means “for her” in Swedish. The store began to sell men and women's clothing after Erling Persson and Mauritz Widforss met and became business partners. Originally Mauritz Widforss owned a store that was mainly focused on selling things for fisherman. Erling Persson decided to buy Widforss’ store and together they created H&M. Americans should support this company because it allows them to shop for good quality clothing for reasonable prices.

The first ever H&M in the United States opened in 2000 on Fifth Avenue. Today H&M is the second most successful international clothing retailer. H&M is available to 54 countries with 3,200 different stores worldwide. H&M provides jobs for 116,000 people globally and plans to improve their living situations by increasing their living wages in the near future. H&M is known for its inexpensive quality “in style” clothing. H&M’s prices makes it for a regular income family to buy “chic” clothing for the whole family. H&M continues to try to expand their company to stay on top and to keep their company strong. H&M is always trying to improve the company and it shows in their work.

Throughout the year H&M has 2 collections, a fall collection and a spring collection. In order for H&M to keep up with the latest fashions they have mini collections in each large collection. The small collections are used to update the styles according to what new fashions become popular throughout the year. H&M uses this technique to keep their inventory trendy and up to date with the latest styles that ...

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...ity and helping their reputation by informing their consumers that they care about their employees and suppliers.

H&M is a company that should and can be trusted. The H&M company strives to keep the company a helpful source for different countries around the world. H&M is leading in the industry because of their moral obligation to help society. Their moral obligation helps them become a successful company. H&M not only helps themselves by expanding their markets and opening more factories but they help their employees create a more substantial life back in their countries. H&M is a brand that most Americans should support if they wish to save money on clothing while still looking fashionable. H&M’s reasonable prices has made the company succeed all around the world. People enjoy spending less money on things with good quality and H&M provides just that.
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