Close Relationship Missions And Worship In Piper's 'Let The Nations Be Glad'

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In the book Let the Nations be Glad, Piper Explains the close relationship missions and worship share. Missions exist because of worship, and worship is a result of our Love of Christ in our hearts that drives us to glorify him, and naturally do missions. The nations are the focus of mission, and Piper explains why he believes that the Biblical mission includes evangelism with the nations in sight instead of only individuals. Piper systematically outlines the evidence that hell exists and what it is, he also outlines the reason that knowing Christ is the only way to be saved by trusting in him as your savior.
Chapter One
In Let the Nations be Glad, the emphasis in the first chapter is that missions is not the most important aspect
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Missions exists only because worship does not because of the fall, missions must take place in order to share the love of Christ with those who are distanced from him by sin, and show them that a repairing of this separation is possible in Christ alone. Missions can work as an aid to worship, in that it brings glory to God by introducing the nations to him and hope that they in turn will worship Christ with us and follow after him. In this way, missions is reliant on worship as its fuel, because without missions, worship is reduced to a clanging of symbols and is only a ramble. The desire to follow after God with one’s whole heart and to glorify him is the true motivation for Christians to pursue missions in their life. Selfish ambition towards missions may be used by God but it will not be blessed by Him. In…show more content…
This definition of worship is extrapolated from Romans 12 that our spiritual worship is to be our presenting of ourselves as a sacrifice that is holy before God. In the Old Testament worship is more of an outward experience, but because Christ sent us the helper, we can now have an inward worship previously not possible. Even though people in the Old Testament generally did not have the Holy Spirit, God still desired them to have an internal worship of him; especially when He asked them to be circumcised of the heart and not just externally in Deuteronomy 10:16. God’s desire to be praised and glorified is often thought of as a vain expectation, but upon reflection it clearly is not. As C.S Lewis says, enjoyment is not compete until what gives you that joy is praised also, so God desiring praise is not vain He is seeking what He knows will give us satisfaction namely in Him. It is dangerous to try and gain something from worship, because this completely misses what worship is. Worship is not done hypocritically for any personal gain; it is driven solely by our satisfaction in Christ, and our desire to express that in our hearts. Naturally, when we love God and are satisfied in
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