Close Reading In Hamlet

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A Close Reading of a Passage from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark While Prince Hamlet reflects, he contemplates life and death. Hamlet gives a verbalization that gives a sagacious foresight into how his grief overtook his thoughts. While Hamlet is giving this verbalizing there is a portrayal of darkness and solitude. In the play Hamlet is conspicuously verbalizing with himself he does not want the other to know the extent to his thoughts. This is only the commencement of how Hamlet is portrayed as being a perturbed person. Hamlet spend the whole play recollecting his father King Hamlet and then later in the play Ophelia. Hamlet commences off the verbalization with darkness and despair. Hamlet is contemplating life or death.…show more content…
O, most wicked speed, to post
With such dexterity to incestuous sheet! (Act1 Scene 2. 153-156)
With Hamlet having to emotionally deal with his fathers’ death and the stigma of incest in his family, could be his undoing. Hamlet shares how dispirited he genuinely is. Hamlet expounds his heart-ache, but it is virtually like he does not want to kill himself. Towards the cessation of the passage Hamlet seems homogeneous to he has verbalized himself out of committing suicide. Ophelia and the love he has for her seems to be the only thing that is keeping Hamlet from killing himself. In this passage there is a clear argument. Even though only Hamlet verbalizes during the passage, the argument is within himself. Hamlet is commencing to be impelled crazy over his grief with his father. Prince Hamlet seeing King Hamlet’s ghost should have availed to surmount Hamlet’s grief. Hamlet did not overcome his grief, the sight of King Hamlet made the grief worse. Seeing the ghost of King Hamlet availed fueled the argument within Prince Hamlet. Prince Hamlet is not clear on his emotions. The ghost of King Hamlet tells Prince Hamlet that he was murdered and who murdered him.
I find thee apt;
And duller shouldst thou be than the fat
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As well as Hamlet is giving clues to Claudius, that Hamlet knows who killed his father. Hamlet asks for a play that gives the same story line to scare his uncle. This is a tactic to send not only Hamlet into insanity but also Claudius. The tactic of the play works Claudius is fearful of what Hamlet knows about the murder of King Hamlet. Prince Hamlet is now fearful of everyone that is proximate to him. Hamlet cerebrates that everyone is out to get him. Hamlet even endeavors to verbalize to his mother to convince her that Claudius killed King Hamlet. Even when Hamlet tells Gertrude, it is as though she thinks Hamlet is making it up. Claudius is victualing into Hamlet 's suspicion by sending people to Hamlet and ascertain what he knows. This makes Hamlet not trust anyone that he knows. When Hamlet murders Polonius, it is evident that Hamlet has gone thoroughly insane and he cannot return from the point he is at. No one is safe from Hamlet and the way he is deporting now. Hamlet has upset his mother by incriminating Claudius and insisting that her marriage is incest. Gertrude even says, Come, come, you answer with an idle tongue (Act 3 Scene 4. 10). This is in replication to Hamlet telling his mother that she is disrespecting King Hamlet (Act 3 Scene 3.9). All this that has occurred verbalizes volumes to Hamlet losing his sanity due to his recollection of the loss of his
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