Cloning Humans

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Cloning Humans

Cloning is the process of duplicating a genetically identical organism

through non-sexual means. Cloning can be done with plants animals

including human, but it had been success with only plants and animals

not human, since there are some argument going on about is it right or

wrong to clone human (which is actually what this essay is all about).

The first cloned mammal is a sheep named 'Dolly' in 1997.The

scientists had cloned other animals, such as cows and mice. There are

some discussions about cloning; some people say cloning is dangerous.

In my opinion, I think cloning is 'ok' because it will make the huge

leap of biological science knowledge and technology, it also probably

have a lot other benefits on medical, since we might be able to create

our spare parts for our bodies those have to be 'genetically' the same

to be replaced in order for healing.

From my research on this particular topic, there are some reasons to

support opinion that it is 'ok' to clone a human.

Firstly, we can create spare parts of our body incase that we lost or

injured some of them, or we can produce a source of cells for the

sufferings, to repair damaged part of the original body. In conditions

such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, heart attacks, where the cells

which make up part of the brain, pancreas and heart stop working

properly or died out. We need cloning because we can't pass cells from

a stronger and healthy person to the sufferers because the body's

immune system will attack the organ transplants from people who are

not a 'close match', they'll be rejected or in another word, 'killed'.

That's why we need cloning for th...

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... cure cancer. Scientists still do not know exactly how cells

differentiate into specific kinds of tissue, nor to they understand

why cancerous cells lose their differentiation. Cloning, at long last,

may be the key to understanding differentiation and cancer.

By cloning We may be able to produce effective genetic therapy against

cystic fibrosis. And we also may learn to grow nerves or the spinal

cord back again when they are injured. Quadriplegics might be able to

get out of their wheelchairs and walk again. Christopher Reeves, the

man who played Superman, might be able to walk again.

In conclusion, I'm still agree that it's ok to clone a human, but it

needs to have some policies of cloning to avoid mutation, cloning can

be good because of benefits mentioned all above or it can be harmful

because of this, Mutation!

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