Cloning - Ethics or Life?

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Cloning: Ethnics or Life? Walking into a small hospital room you notice two small boys. As you observe the diagnostic papers on the young boys' bedposts you suddenly become guilt stricken. The darker haired boy on the right has liver cancer, but thankfully there is hope for this young boy, since he is on a very efficient liver donor program. In two days, Sam, as we will call him, will be receiving a clean and pure liver that will grant him a life as normal and healthy as any other young man. On the other hand the boy in the adjacent small, white hospital bed is not so lucky. We'll call this boy William. William is suffering from a spinal cord injury that occurred in a motor vehicle accident a few days earlier. This injury left William paralyzed and slowly he will deteriorate and die, while his family and friends wait and watch helplessly. Life is not out of the question for young William though, but the technology and science that will save his life is illegal in the United States. The knowledge and ability to clone a new spinal cord for William and send him too on his way to a normal life is there, but the ability to access this new science is not. So you play god for a moment and tell this young kid's parents why their son must die while his new friend in the bed next to him will live. Cloning is a process in which one or more individual plants or animals are produced that are genetically identical to another plant or animal (Robinson 2). Cloning has been used since the late 1970's, and was designed to take genetically "perfect" animals and clone them to produce better food for humans (Robinson 3). The idea and wonder always was there, though, of weather we should and could clone a human being. This issue of... ... middle of paper ... ...and Re-Engineering. [online] available: ~gsg109 / qs/ em01003.html. February/29/1996 Brush, Dr. P. "Ethical Concerns" Human Cloning and Re-Engineering. [online] available: ~gsg109/qs/em 01005.html. February/26/1996 "Can and Should We Clone Humans", [online] available: ] December/3/2000 Contran, R. "Cancer Resource Center" Welcome to the American cancer Society's Cancer Resource Center [online] available: March/24/2000 "Excite Health Center" Cancer [online] available: info/?id=001289. December/14/2000 Robinson, Bruce A. "What is cloning?" Ethical Aspects of Human Cloning. [online] available: October/12/1997

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