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Task 5 – Written Report
The development of generating artificial organs will be beneficial towards patients with terminal organ diseases although the steps and processes taken towards the outcome of artificial organs will greatly affect the morals of people in modern society.
Reproduction is a rudimentary part of life. It is important because without it; a species would not be able to propagate or survive from generation to generation. Reproduction is a biological process where new offspring organisms are produced from their parents. Every individual organism exists because of reproduction. There are two methods of natural reproduction known as sexual and asexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction involves an individual reproducing without the involvement of another individual. No gametes (sex cells) are involved during the process of asexual reproduction but instead cell division occurs; in which a mother cell divides to form two daughter cells. (Figure 1 – Cell Division) Cell division includes the division of the nucleus therefore it is essential for the genetic information in the nucleus to be passed on accurately from the mother cell to the daughter cells. This process by which genetic information is passed on accurately through the division of the nucleus is called mitosis. The daughter cells are exact clones of the single parent cell and thus have the same genes and chromosomes as the mother cell. An example of this method of reproduction is cloning. When asexual reproduction occurs; the offspring turns out as an identical copy or genetically similar organism as their parent therefore there is no genetic variety, making it impossible for these organisms to adapt to environmental changes. Sexual reproduction involves the re...

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...o eliminating some ethical issues. More alternatives to cloning are being researched and cloning will always be a continuing research procedure and new developments will occur in the future.
Research in cloning opens many doors towards medical and scientific advancements in the future. Through using methods such as Reproductive cloning and Therapeutic cloning, advancements will be made and hopefully ethical issues will be eliminated. Through the way cloning links to asexual reproduction, scientist could develop even more alternatives to cloning. Although cloning affects many people’s morals and causes many ethical issues in today’s society, it will still be extremely beneficial to future research in cloning organs. Generating organs will someday be able to aid towards patients with terminal organ diseases and create advancements in the research of artificial organs.
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