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Should all cloning be legalized in America? This question has been asked repeatedly since the famous sheep “Dolly” was cloned in 1996 and lived until 2005. After this wild experiment became successful, people believed that they should be using this to clone human beings which very quickly sparked controversy causing questions to be asked. In an the article called “Experiment Brings Human Cloning One Step Closer”, scientists talk about how they know everything they need to in the event that they would need or want to clone a human being. A clone is defined as a cell, cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived.
Their are several situations in which cloning could be extremely environmentally friendly for our country; for instance, scientists have been making miniature duplicates of three breeds of trees that have supposedly been living for over 4000 years. These aged trees stand around 40 stories high, and are approximately 35 feet in diameter at the base. This group of scientists believes that if they get enough of these “super trees” out there, they’ll make a difference in our atmosphere. At first these trees sit at just 18 inches tall but by placing them strategically, these scientists plan to “reforest the planet”. These ancient breed redwood trees are currently located in Northern California. This example of cloning is something that many people feel brings a positive affect for our country but also our planet.
Several months ago, a group of scientists had a breakthrough; this group discovered how to create stem cells by cloning. Basically what this means is that they discovered how to make human skin cells from human skin cells, which can help predict that event...

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... plummet deeper than it already is. Second reason that I believe it would cause problems would be that it would bring in problems with how these clones are treated, because they’re technically “people” they would have all the same rights as myself and everyone else even though they were genetically constructed.
Cloning humans would just be problem after problem, but cloning stem cells, plants and possibly even farm animals doesn’t seem like it could bring in many problems because it could help our environment, but also help humans after injuries or even diseases that they were diagnosed with.
In conclusion, I believe that cloning of humans should never be brought up or used, but cloning of stem cells and other cells that help humans with possible problems and to help them live longer should be allowed instead of cloning in general being banned from our country.
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