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Abstract: The rate of using cloning is rapidly increasing. Cloning of different species is a beneficial process, but also has limitations as it can be hazardous and harmful to our society. Cloning is the process in which multiple identical copies of an entire entity are made. An example is the cloning of stem cells which provide identical replicas that can be used to help an injured human. This study compares the favourable and negative outcomes of cloning different organisms, from a scientific perspective without getting into the ethics and religious views. As well, this paper discusses whether or not cloning is considered suitable for society and under what circumstances that this pertains. Through scientific research and background knowledge, many facts are produced about the affects of cloning plants, animals and people. After weighing out both sides of this process in each circumstance, it can be concluded that the cloning of plants, animals, and humans can be beneficial, but it needs to be kept to a minimum to limit the chance of having a uniform society. Cloning of different species is a beneficial process, yet it has its limitations as it can be hazardous and harmful to society. Cloning is the process of asexual reproduction of an entire entity, in which multiple, identical genetic copies are created. According to Webster`s Online Dictionary, “cloning is the process of producing a clone”, and a clone is “a cell, cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived.” While one may take an ethical approach to determine whether or not cloning should be allowed, this study is based solely on scientific facts and evidence. Cloning can be done on plants, animals and hum... ... middle of paper ... ...ning and experimenting. The benefits and problems of cloning tend to make a cycle. For example, if scientists continue to genetically clone species that help in the medicinal field, then this would cause people to live unnaturally long. The issue of extreme overcrowding would arise, and scientists would have to clone or grow more crops to provide an adequate amount of food for everyone, thus leading to more possible environmental damage. Cloning has been proven to be useful to society; however there are many risks that come with it. This process needs to be analyzed in more depth in each circumstance, to determine the long term effects, before moving forward with the use of cloning on a global scale. Cloning is a beneficial process to our society; however certain forms of human cloning are unacceptable at this time, due to our inability to predict consequences.

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