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Pre-Mature Decision

Millions of people pour into movie theatres every weekend to view movies about

sports, romance, politics, and Science Fiction. While most of these movies are meant

exclusively for entertainment, occasionally people will leave a theatre believing what they

had viewed. Science fiction movies do this very well, especially when it comes to the

topic of cloning. These movies from time to time have involved cloning machines, where a

character walks into the machine and out he comes along with his clone. This might have

made the movie enjoyable, but have put the idea of cloning in a bad light. There are many

reasons why the public fears cloning, however, most fears are unsupported. People are

afraid of cloning just as they are afraid of anything new in their lives. This immature fear

led congressional representatives to an immediate ban of all research and practice of

cloning. Cloning should have never been banned, the action taken was inappropriate and

had absolutely no factual reasoning.

The statement that "Humans are not guinea pigs" is one of the most common

claims made by those who oppose cloning. However, in all morally relevant respects, this

is not true. Every one of us is an experiment; a result of a couple of people getting

together in the back of a car, a hotel room, or some dark and secluded part of the house,

throwing together the ingredients that created us. In many cases, the people who created

us may not have even wanted to form a person by their actions, though they did. In this

respect, clones will be far further from being guinea pigs than most people who are

conceived through traditional methods. Which means that if the cry "humans are not guinea pigs" really has some sort of moral force, it would argue for prohibiting traditional

reproduction long before it will have any applicability to cloning (Fyfe par. 26-30).

Another very common fear is that cloning will be used to create armies or slaves.

Armies and slaves can be created faster and more cheaply by other means than cloning.

This fear of a “2nd Holocaust” is very frivolous. It is unlikely that clones will ever be

mass-produced as some people fear. Women would have to go through having to bear

them , not mentioning that someone also has to raise them. This is an important point that

much discussion about cloning overlooks.
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