Clockwork Orange Reflection

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“What’s it going to be then, eh?”(Burgess 3). Each part of the book A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess begins with the main character Alex asking himself this question. This is Alex’s conscience speaking to him about whether he should make moral or immoral decisions. The book begins with Alex and his Droogs: Pete, Georgie, and Dim going throughout town creating turmoil. This goes on until eventually Alex’s Droogs betray him and Alex ends up going to jail. After two years in, Jail Alex thinks he finds a “Get out of Jail Free” card, when in reality he is used as a guinea pig in what is called Ludovico’s Technique. During this time he is forced to watch horrific killings and raping’s with his favorite Beethoven symphony playing in the background…show more content…
In the first chapter, Alex and his droogs assault an old man, rob a shop, and beat the shop owner and his wife. After all of this is done, Alex says, “Still, the night was still very young”(Burgess 15). This not only implies that their violent acts will continue, but also implies that this is a normal activity for him to partake in. While most kids Alex’s age go to school and do chores for their pee and em, Alex assaults people on a daily basis. Another key moment that highlights Alex’s violent nature is his interaction with F. Alexander and his wife. Alex led his droogs into the country and said, “What we were after now was the old surprise visit”(Burgess 23). A surprise visit is basically Alex breaking into a random house and assaulting whoever is inside. The fact that he has little names like “surprise visit” for his violent act shows how he just rubs off whatever he does as something that doesn’t even matter. Even at the end of the book Alex just rubs his horrific actions off as just being a part of…show more content…
As stated before, Ludovico’s Technique is the governments way of brainwashing the bad to make it impossible for them to do bad anymore. Essentially, it removes the subject’s freedom of moral choice. Alex originally does Ludovico’s Technique because he can go back into society in a mere two weeks. After undergoing the torturous treatment and realizing he no longer has free will, Alex states, “Am I just to be like a clockwork orange? (Burgess 141). This refers to the fact that one cannot just put the workings of a clock into an orange and expect it to work. Once Alex realizes that he can no longer even listen to his beloved Beethoven anymore without feeling sick to the stomach, he goes insane. He eventually tries to snuff it, saying, “Then I got on to the sill, the music blasting away to my left, and I shut my glazzies and felt the cold wind on my listo, then I jumped” (Burgess 188). This proves further that the government cannot force one to be good or evil. Once Ludovico’s Technique is reversed, Alex, by himself, is able to become good and attributes his misbehaving to maturing. This is an important lesson that people are not born perfect, and that people must learn solitarily what is moral and
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