Clinical Trials are the Gateway to Medical Treatment

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Introduction Clinical trial is a gateway to become proved practical medical treatment, so it requires accuracy and validity of the outcomes. Placebo control trials are therefore employed in clinical trials as nearly half of academic physicians have answered in a questionnaire that they had used a placebo in their clinical trials (Sherman and Hickner, 2007). To have the higher scientific validity of results on the clinical trials require that prospective, carefully selected subjects and endpoints, a control group, randomly allocated subjects into a treatment group and a control group, blinded both subject groups and investigators, sufficient sample size, and an approved independent ethics committee and monitoring by data safety and monitor board to have stronger the scientific validity on the clinical trials (Brody, 1997). The use of placebos will enable to have more scientifically reliable outcome. However, unnecessarily or ineffectiveness of placebo use is also claimed therefore considering appropriate conditions and suitable cases would be needed for placebo use. . Legitimacy and justify of placebo use in clinical trial Employing placebo in clinical trial can improve quality of the study results. Firstly, a placebo group employment enables to evaluate efficacy of blind, randomised subject control medical treatment avoiding assessment bias. Secondly, it can be reduce the number of patients to conduce since outcomes in different states these are treatment group and placebo group can be compared which make the difference clearer whether the results is beneficial or harmful. Thirdly, placebo can be used in addition to normal treatment of patients which results will show genuine result as beneficial or harmful conditional ... ... middle of paper ... ...f patients’ doctors recruited participants, patients may not ease to refuse participating a trial. Therefore recruitment may be better to be done by a person who does not normally treat the patients. Conclusion Placebos are currently often employed, effective device to determine significant effect in clinical trials. However, not all kind of clinical trials are suitable for use placebos as which has strong placebo effect and aiming to discover a treatment for a specific diseases of which is restricted due to using placebos for sufficient and prompt investigation. Consequently, appropriate conditions and justifying placebo use is vital as control group in clinical trial, which should be beneficial, safe and valid for patients who are in both treatment and control group. Keeping these in mind and sufficient discovery of medical treatment is highly desired.

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