Clinical Social Work Essay

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Community Assignment 1 Clinical social workers in the community strive to enhance and maintain psychosocial functioning of individuals, families, and small groups. They also focus on prevention of psychosocial dysfunction or impairment, including emotional and mental disorders. The perspective of person-in-situation (psychosocial context) is fundamental to clinical social work practice (Austin, Barr, & Coombs, 2006). According to Austin, Barr, and Combs (2006), “community social work practice refers to the planning and organizing of neighborhood and community change based on addressing social problems within the social environment” (p.13). Social workers in community practice empower and enable people to change their lives and environments, organize particular communities of interest. They also design, coordinate, and change services and programs so they are better suitable for different communities, as well as develop groups and coalitions working on social, economic, or political action. Therefore, community practice includes “a wide range of practice related to increasing civic involvement, assisting groups and communities in advocating for their needs, and organizing for social…show more content…
The volunteers would have to have clear criminal records and reliable recommendations. I would also advocate for increasing participation in community programs among the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged residents, for example through improving and expanding existing programs and facilities able to accommodate them. The elderly residents could greatly benefit from participating in activities and programs offered in the neighborhood, however, preferably free (or low cost) accessible transportation to these services and programs needs to be provided for
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