Clinical Resource Management Reflection Paper

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My fifth week at CMC has created the opportunity for me to be a part of meetings that are important to the function of the hospital and making sure specific departments are working toward goals that will increase valuable relationships with the patients and the use of the resources the hospital has to offer. In the clinical resource management department it is important to review the resources and their functionality within the hospital to ensure the facility is not just investing money in useful resources but also making sure the people in the community are benefiting from them as well.
On Tuesday, I sat in on the URC, which is the utilization review committee meeting for the second time since I’ve started at CMC. The meeting was called to order by the head hospitalist, and then the first topic of discussion was to review the dashboard, which didn’t change much from the last meeting because only one month had passed. After the dashboard was read through we discussed the pneumonia readmission cases from the last meeting, and why there was so many of these particular cases. Along with the readmission cases there was a “LACE tool” created to score specific attributes into points which would then be converted into a percentage of expected and observed probability of death or
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After attending the meeting, I was assigned the task of creating a patient choice form that included all of the DME and infusion services in the area and out of the county so that the patients can easily look at their choices. Having these specific handouts are needed because some services are more conveniently located, or less expensive for specific services and they benefit from being able to choose from more than one
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