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Boonsboro Elementary school was an interesting location for me to conduct my Clinical Field experience. It was the first time I had observed a school in Washington County, and the first time I have had the opportunity to have experience in a school that has a Magnet School program. I had many experiences in the school and went into this observation with different mindset than I had in my previous placements. In my previous observations my main focus had been on the teacher. For example, How did the teacher plan the lesson, how did the teacher present themselves, and how did the teacher interact with the students? While I still made notes of these factors I took my observations in new direction. I looked at the psychological impactions and…show more content…
I had to keep in mind how the arrangement of the room can either help or a hinder student’s productivity. Some my research included how to promote good communication in a classroom between a teacher and their students. This also included the benefits of creating an environment with more open communication a student and their…show more content…
A lot my time was spent weighing the pros and cons of punishment and rewards systems in the classroom, while taking into consideration the longer term and short term benefits and implications of utilizing them in an active classroom setting. My conclusion on this is that trial and error will be needed for this type of classroom management. I do not support the idea of punishing an entire class for the behavior of one student. Methodology like that can lead to more harmful consequences than positive consequences in the long run. It also important to keep in mind that children can have a negative response to hostile and negative classroom practices. However, sometime if as a teacher I remain calm and take me time and make an effort I can have an affirmative relationship with my students. For example the girl who dropped her art work. If I had shown displeasure or aggression to her, I could have contributed to a possible bad environment in that child’s life. However, I responded with kindness, patience, and a smile, and in return I coxed her out of shy shell and received a thank you and a smile from her

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