Clinical Diagnosis of Meredith

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1. The clinical should look for the symptoms that might help him to identify the diagnosis of client. As Meredith mentioned that she cannot sleep and eat properly it is necessary to find out changes in her appetite and weight. Meredith also mentioned that she cannot work properly, so the clinical should ask about problems with concentration. The symptoms of Meredith case seem to be similar to depression, so the clinical should ask about suicide thoughts, thoughts about death and worthlessness; the frequency of such thoughts should be considered. Meredith also should be asked if she feels tired or exhausted easily as it also can point out that she is deeply depressed. is The clinical should ask about mood alteration during the day and define what does it depend on. Also Meredith should be asked about muscle tension as it points out anxiety disorder.
2. Other background information that must be cleared up concerns history of traumas, domestic violence, housing status, primary usage of drugs, mental health problem in family, cases of hospitalization, treatment, previous usage of medication. All these items can influence current client's condition. Despite, as Meredith’s sister Sarah also has some personal problems, it is necessary to find out the origin of it; Sarah might have personal disorder that is inherited, so Meredith is under the risk to have it.
3. In Meredith’s family there were few examples of alcohol dependence, so she is under the risk of becoming alcoholic. She also mentioned that she used alcohol to help herself with sleeping and it can be alarm sign, as she mentioned that she has cannot sleep. There is a great risk for Meredith to become depend on alcohol as she in high-risk group because of her symptoms and hered...

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... Meredith’s family there were cases of alcoholism, moreover, previously she used to cope with her problems by means of alcohol. Meredith displays all the symptoms of co-occurring disorder, as her symptoms, according to her and her friends’ words, cover at least two personal disorders.
8. The situation with Meredith’s beloved is very stressful for her and being scared that someone finds out her feeling, Meredith might avoid using pronouns, especially “I”. As depressed person usually uses pronoun “I” more often than nondepressed, the counselor should explore all circumstances, which accompany her avoiding. Despite, the counselor should find out if there were any cases in Meredith family, when she was suppressed, as it might have provoked stressful situation. It is necessary to clear up why Andy can be taken badly with her family, according to Meredith’s persuasion.
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