Clinical Depression and Suicide Risks

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Depression is a serious emotion that many people go through. Depression could be brought on by family problems, social or maybe stress at work, there are a number of reasons why people get stressed out and then fall into a sea of depression .Depression can effect different people it doesn’t matter their background nor their age, anyone can be affected by depression .Therefore depression can and will lead to Suicide Risks. In the website called].they have mentioned serveral risk factors for suicide based on the selected instrument. They point out suicidal behavior and the warning signs. All of the health professionals need to be concerned when a patient mentions or try to harm themselves this a is a crucial warning signs that shouldn’t be encored nor discarded .The website also mentions that when an assessment is introduced to the patients sometimes a interview or questioners this could send clues that a patient is in dire need of help. the website reminds us depression can cause a person to think do suicidal thoughts .for instance people who are unemployed .some people who have mental disorders such as bipolar disorder schizophrenic patients, studies have shown that people with these mental disorders are at high risk of committing suicide .Secondly the website points out how age, gender and ethnicity, and socioeconomic status plays a role in suicide risk .People who are Low social support/living alone. Alcohol and drug abuse some cases people who are bullied. They also mention that men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women .Men are known to keep their emotions to themselves and deny help .which could put them at risk. The website has shown how depression can affect person’s emotions and put them at suicide risk. Some people may think that if someone is in a bad position in life, they would have reason to try to commit suicide ,however culture has a lot to do with a person’s thoughts on suicide .Some people believe that it is against god law to kill themselves or anyone else .Even though some may want to their religion beliefs confined them ,. If I had to respond to someone who were showing signs of suicide risk .I would first have to create a good relationship with the patient ,so they would feel comparable around me ,and be able to express themselves more open and honestly .Then I would have to ask them a series of questions .

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