Clincal Depression

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Clincal Depression

Depression is a very common disease that will affect a large percentage of the population at some point during their life span. At least 10% of all people will suffer from a major depressive disorder, while even a larger percentage will suffer from some type of mild depression. It is a serious disease that has been linked to other physical and mental illnesses. It has also been a cause of death in numerous cases due to suicide and heart disease. The most disturbing fact about depression is that it so often goes untreated although it is a very treatable illness. Knowledge is the key to correcting this problem. The public very much so needs to be educated on the illness itself. Knowing the causes of depression as well as its dangers and symptoms will surely lead a larger percentage of its victims to seek the many widely available treatment options.

There is an enormous amount of information available about depression. It would take an unreasonable amount of time to view all of the information available just on the internet, not to mention libraries and mental health professionals. The most useful website that I encountered was furnished by the National Institute of Mental Health. This site has all of the information that one could need to start researching depression. From its causes, dangers, and symptoms to the different treatment options, this site has plentiful well researched information provided by a nationally recognized institute. It was the main resource for this research paper.

Depression is defined as "a spectrum of affective disorders, ranging from passing sad moods to serious, crippling disease requiring medical treatment". Major depression, also referred to as clinical ...

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...that may put individuals at a higher risk for depression. It is equally important to be aware of the events that may trigger a depressive disorder. Most importantly, after a diagnosis of depression has been made, it is important to seek treatment. It is senseless to suffer when there is so much effective treatment available. Depression is a disease. It requires the attention of a doctor. Knowing this information, we should all give more attention to helping those with the disorder to detect it and seek treatment.


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Knowledge Base: Clinical Depression

Depression Information and Treatments

In this essay, the author

  • Describes changes in sleeping patterns such as inability to sleep, sleeping significantly more, early morning awakening, or fitful sleep.
  • Explains that a diagnosis of unipolar major depression is made if the person has at least five of these symptoms during the two-week period.
  • Explains that depression is a subject of debate and lacks scientific evidence, but there are physical and psychological factors that can increase the chances for, coexist with, and even trigger it.
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