Climate Change: The Negative Effects Of Global Warming

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The worldwide increase in temperature and the resulting climate change, known as Global Warming, could be a threat to the environment and have serious negative effects on all living things, including humans. Scientists agree that the temperatures on Earth are rising, but an agreement on what is causing it has not been reached yet, and how the government should address the problem is still being discussed. The debate is between who consider the climate change in the last century a completely natural event, something that already happened through history, with the Earth having periods of increasing and decreasing of temperatures, and think that can’t be stopped or changed by people, and who consider humans and industries the reason why Earth…show more content…
Anyway, they perceived that any of these changes will not appear before the 21st century, but the severe droughts in the American Midwest, Russia and Africa that decade shown that the results of global warming were not as far away as they thought. In 1974 a study by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States revealed that climate change will occur within the next few decades, with shortages in the food supply leading to migrations and wars. At this point, the government decided to make laws about the environment impact assessment: they consulted experts on the predicted factory emissions, and studied the impact of deforestations, acid rain and other large scale climate activities, focusing not only on the impacts on ecosystems but also on the human health and economic activities (History of Global…show more content…
Governments and International bodies started to have more interest in the issue, and the Stern Review “Economics of Climate Change” in 2006, by Nicholas Stern, former chief economist of the World Bank, and a staff of 20 people, was the cost complete report at the time. The confusion was that global warming as in the upper range of the 21st century scientists’ hypothesis that will result in a cut of the annual Global Domestic Product by 5%, and that the cost of preventing global warming was 1% of the annual Global Domestic Product (History of Global

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