Climate Change In If You Love This Planet By Helen Caldicot

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Americans fail to act on the climate change because society remains in the dark due to government misinformation, in addition to beliefs that weather and climate are controlled by higher powers. Climate change has been a predicament for ages. Many members of society claim that climate change does not exist. Although societies other half chooses to not recognize the real dangers of climate change. Climate change is an imminent threat to the future of Earth and its inhabitants. In the book “If You Love This Planet” by Helen Caldicot she claims, “Trees and plants breathe in Co2 but the forest is vulnerable to the climate change. With forest not having enough time to migrate their survival chances are lower (Caldicot 13)”. Trees breathe in Co2 and release oxygen. The more harm done to trees will vastly impact living things on Earth.
Climate change has been around for a while, becoming more of a dilemma as the world progresses. In Caldicot 's book “If You Love This Planet” Talks about how the greenhouse gas emissions are creating a hole in the ozone layer right over Antarctica.
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The government states God is saying the planet is in fine shape and that He will handle any issues dealing with climate change. “Congressman John Shimkus (R-IL) says the planet is in fine shape and guaranteed to stay that way because God promised Noah as much (Swanson 6)”. The government will always keep the world in the dark no matter what the issue is. When humans see corruption, societies go towards religion as a saving grace, not even realizing the harm they might be causing. Swanson brings up, how about 22% believe the world will end in their lifetime. Stating this is because they believe Jesus and the Anti-Christ will fight, causing major changes to the climate. The government is adding more fuel to the fire, not realizing what they are saying is being taken to heart by

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