Climate Change In Disruptive Movie

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Disruptive is a film by Kelly Nyks and Jared F. Scott (2012) on the march that happens in New York City on September 21, 2014 on climate change. This will be one of the largest rally’s for climate control held. During the film you will hear from people of different statuses from President Bush to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to scientist, college professors, authors, founders of groups, leaders, community organizers, and people from different countries on how climate changes throughout the years have affected the world we live in today. To establish the films credibility it presents different view point from scientist on how the climate is deteriorating. For over 150 years scientist have known that carbon dioxide was a greenhouse gas. Gases…show more content…
stated, “Think about the litany of impact, sea level rise, ocean signification, and the collapse of the eco system that we rely on for food, water availability, huge wild fires, all this cost a lot of money. All of those cost are being dumped on to us as a society and not being paid by the people who are polluting.” Big massive polluters get to dump mega tons of carbon in the atmosphere for free. We can’t pollute for free. If we litter we get a fine. Van Jones (2014). Many countries have been plundered over hundreds of years, described as ecological debt, climate debt. They are disposable places, this was always a racist idea. People who are poor and people who don’t benefit from fossil fuel are ones who suffer greatly. If we went cold turkey today from fossil fuel we still do not know what implications we have already signed up for. Climate change is overwhelming, there are so many different way to fix it. Activist are saying for over 25years we been talking about climate change but why hasn’t people jumped into action? Phycologist have been mapping the process of the brain and found 2 parallel processing system. The first part is the rational side that is where information, facts, and data is stored. The second side is the emotional side where intuition, mood and sensation is stored. Nobody will take action if they don’t see others take

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