Climate Change: Global Threats And Impacts?

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Climate change, a global issue and the number One major problem that is having serious impacts and consequences on living species and our precious home, the Earth. On this topic, the majority of the public have recognized and accepted the fact that climate change is an undeniable truth that should be address as soon as possible and to take immediate actions to resolve the problem. There are already environmental policies established on climate change, such as voluntary and subsidies options, carbon tax, and laws. And that are not enough for solutions as there are also challenges from the conflicts between environmental policy and energy matter due the possible effects on economics. But this issue could not leave aside with small effects of…show more content…
Other threats and impacts included changing landscapes, species and ecosystems at risk, extreme weather, heat- related disease, and economic losses (“Climate Change Threats and Impacts”, n.d.). Therefore, climate change was addressed and seen as the global phenomenon.

For the matter of the rapid global phenomenon, there are quite a few evidences that have been briefly mention before that are in support of the most compelling arguments in flavour of climate change actions. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, the scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal. First of all, the rises of global temperature signals the warming of Earth’s surface along with warming ocean surfaces. The datas of the global average temperature from NASA and other major global surface temperature reconstruction over the years have shown that the Earth has been warming since 1880 and has continued to increase today. The warmest years in human
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One of the opposing arguments being presented is the lack of global warming over the decade, and the datas of warming Earth were the results of the computer models’ exaggeration of the effects of carbon dioxide. Although there haven been data shown that theEarth’s surface been warming since 1979, those long- term temperature results were coming from the surface weather stations located at urban centres measuring the “urban heat island effect”. Then these data would be having large errors existed in between. Even the computer models are being used as the major components in predictions of climate change influences, they could not generated the full processes that are involved, therefore they are not an reliable resources to be dependant on. Some even claimed that large amount of carbon dioxide would not harm Earth and the living species, since it is a colourless and odourless gas that is the main part of the living cycle. While carbon dioxide concentration contributed to better plant growth as well as animals do better in growth. Therefore, carbon dioxide is not considered to be a pollutant as it is beneficial and a key component to the Earth. Instead, they thought that water vapour, the most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere could be account for about 98% of the warming process. Also,

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