Climate Change And Humanity Essay

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Climate Change and Humanity The effects of global warming and climate change can no longer be ignored. Unlike previous species and our ancestors that inhabited the Earth before us, we have the gift of foresight and the scientific, mathematic and engineering knowledge to implement changes to benefit the future and lessen the damage that has already been done. Yet, politics and bureaucracy continuously inject roadblocks when it comes to implementing necessary changes and has historically tried to discredit some of the verifiable evidence regarding global warming and climate change; hindering public knowledge and awareness. We are now coming into a new phase of enlightenment, with society now becoming more aware and acknowledging the dangers humanity faces from global warming and…show more content…
Global warming has led to increases in land, ocean and surface temperatures, resulting in polar ice sheet and glacial cap melting, ocean acidification, and rising sea levels (environmental Protection Agency [EPA], 2015). This has led to the increased frequency of tropical cyclone activity, drought, heat waves, heavy precipitation and flooding; all immediate imminent threats to our sustainability and survival (EPA, 2015) (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC], 2014). Climate change severely threatens coastal regions and vulnerable populations, negatively affects infrastructure and security, further exacerbates undesirable living and health conditions, severely impacts our food supply and has also contributed to civil wars over lack of resources (EPA, 2015) (IPCC, 2014). The threats and dangers of global warming and climate change affect humanity now, is expected to affect us in the future, and is an overall threat to the survival of humanity. If we do not take more swift action to address global warming and climate change, then we may possibly be the cause of our own

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