Climate Change

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The change in climate not only affects people around the world, but affects their lifestyles, traditions and customs too. When the climate changes, people automatically think about the change in weather and how they will respond to it. Stepping back and looking at climate change from an objective point of view, people see how it affects the food they eat, the air they breathe, and the environment around them in which they are raising their children. God is in control of the universe, and He alone controls the climate and any changes that can come from it; however there are things people do in their daily lives that affect the climate and any effects in their personal life that come from it. Climate change is a huge issue to be dealing with, and we as a nation need to be prepared for anything drastic that can come from it.
When the climate suddenly changes, it means that the atmosphere is shifting. The Ozone layer, which is the layer where the Earth’s upper atmosphere, forms a protective blanket against ultra-violet rays coming from the sun. The change in atmosphere affects plants and the different times in which they bloom or release their pollen. This pollen can create allergies, or bring out pre-existent allergies that can be extremely severe to some people. There is a high percentage of Americans (around 50,000,000 people) who have allergies and suffer from them on a daily basis. Depending on the person, the allergies can have a deadly effect, but for most people they are just another obnoxious, minor thing to deal with. About 18 billion dollars is spent yearly on remedies for temporary relief of allergies (Mohney, 2013). In the last 53 years, carbon dioxide levels have risen about 22% increasing the pollutant content in the ...

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... we are put in charge of it. Climate change happens so suddenly, and affects us and people around the world more than we ever thought it would.

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