Client Development Manager, Rebakah Moore

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The core success of a business lies in its marketing strategy. Most aspects of your business depend on prosperous marketing techniques. The overall marketing includes advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers and the ability to keep a loyal customer base. Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it. Without marketing, sales may crack and companies may have to close or partner with other companies. With a good logo, a great marketing team and nowadays a good website your business could have longevity in today’s economy. Rebakah Moore is very familiar with the importance of marketing and expanding your clientele database. As one of the Client Development Manager for Research Now in Plano, Texas, she plays a major role in the marketing department. Upon graduating from Texas Tech University and earning a double bachelor in Management and in Marketing, Moore started her career at Research Now in the September of 2009. Originally her main focus was management but that quickly changed when she realized the current job market in marketing. Many of her colleagues were earning internships with big companies such as Johnson &Johnson, Northwestern Mutual and Ernest &Young. Moore believed the marketing industry was a great fit for her career path. Moore is goal orientated, experienced at selling to professional firm in the healthcare market, problem solving, communication and is self-motivated. Earning a Bachelor in Marketing has helped her gain a clear understanding of the relationship between companies and the customers ... ... middle of paper ... ...ent that is stable enough to handle the changes of technology, the raise of social media marketing and the changes of customer’s needs, wants and desires. Marketing is not the same as advertising or sales, it is much more involved than creating advertisement ads. Essentially marketing is about producing leads that can then be turned into sales. The first step is to educate yourself on the benefits of marketing. By educating yourself you will understand that marketing is the sum total of the sales, pricing, promotional and advertising efforts applied to promote the flow of services from your business to the consumer. References Moore, R. (2014, January 20). Interview by Jessica Harris []. What do marketers do. Client development manager. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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