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Client was arrested on 11/30/2015. Client reported she was incarcerated at Riker’s Island. On 1/5/2016, Client walk in the Social Service Office to informed this worker that she re-entered the shelter on 1/5/2016. Client in the meeting had body odor. Client reported since 11am she being asking onsite RA for her personal belonging so that she can take a shower and changes her clothes. Client continues to report due to limited staff onsite she was told to wait until the RA return from lunch. . In the meeting client was dressed in slack black pants and sweat black hooded sweater. She appears to be calm, cooperative and forthcoming with information.

SOCIAL SUPPORT UPDATE: Client reported she was release from Riker’s Island on 12/29, 2015 and
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CM will initiate initial psychosocial on 1/12/2016. She is also a candidate for MRT, and 2010E. MRT referral was submitted and Ms. Morgan/ CAMBA/Home Health Service states that the client is assigned to another Home Health Services CM will investigate with the client which Home Health Services she signed up with.

Review ILP and Client Code of conduct; Client missed a few face to face meetings. CM reiterates the shelter rules and regulation and DHS Code of Conduct.

Worker Assessment: Client has anger management issues and CM will continues to work with the client to control her anger. CM also refer the client to Kings County Mica and Mental Health counseling for substance and mental health counseling.
Exit strategy: CM will continue to work with the therapist, psychiatrist and probation officer. Client will need direction and couching in dealing with anger manager. Client must continue to comply with medication regimen; Client must attend to all off site and on-site medical appointments. Client must adhere to the shelter rule and regulation and to the 10pm curfew; Client must continue to participate in individual counseling and therapy. Client must enroll in CAMBA GED class. CM reviewed the Bi-weekly ILP Review. Client agreed and signed. Next upcoming Bi-weekly ILP Review is scheduled for

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