Cleopatra's Wise and Effective Rule of Egypt

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The name of an individual serves the purpose of being referred to and known by said title, usually given at the time of ones birth. From then onward it is essentially up to that individual to define how their name shall be remembered in society and history. This can be accomplished through their contribution to the world as a whole, or for a smaller purpose, like their influence on a certain aspect of society that could be improved. Some examples include but not limited to: the reformation of the education or legal system, the use of military tactics, and the role of men/women in society. In particular the name of Cleopatra is well-known for many reasons; she was the only independent female ruler of Egypt, and by being so, completely redefined the role of women in society. Her reign is remembered as her wise hand in managing public monies, expanding agriculture and trade, increasing the net worth of her country and breaking the 300 years of Ptolemaic rule filled with rebellion and riots. Cleopatra’s impact on the world in still remembered today, as her achievements are highlighted in numerous books, playwrights, and movies developed based on her existence alone, which share her story of love, power, and tragedy. Being one of the few female rulers of her time, the task of gaining support was definitely not done with ease, especially as she hailed from a background of the Ptolemaic dynasty, one that ruled with harsh working conditions, and showed no respect for the Egyptians. Rebellion and riots all over the country were continuous and had come to the point where it was considered the norm to be entangled in the middle of one, if not several. The clever ways in which Cleopatra was able to garner support and stand her ground were ... ... middle of paper ... ...itute, 01 Apr 2007. Web. 10 Nov 2011. . Grant, Michael. Cleopatra. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1972. Grochowski, Jonathan. "Cleopatra VII." World Changers. Pavlac's Women's History Site, 03 Jan 2008. Web. 11 Dec 2011. James, Joan. Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt - Lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Suzie Manley’s Egypt: Stories of Egyptian Mystery and Magic. 18 Dec 2005. Web. 10 Nov 2011 Nardo, Don. The Importance of Cleopatra. San Diego: Lucent Book, 1994. Pomeroy, Sarah B. Women in Hellenistic Egypt : from Alexander to Cleopatra, New York: Schocken Books, 1984. Worth, Richard. Cleopatra: Queen of Ancient Egypt. Enslow Publishers, Ince. New Jersey. 2006.

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