Cleopatra: The Cunning and Skilled Queen of Egypt

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Cleopatra: was she a cunning and skilled queen to Egypt who made a few small yet fatal

mistakes, or was she a conniving ruler whose corrupt actions dragged her and her kingdom down

to defeat? Although some current sources suggest she was quite popular with her people, over

the years, Cleopatra’s status as a good queen has been questioned and reconsidered countless

times. Due to the war she caused between Antony and Octavian, many people today wonder

whether Cleopatra can really be considered a great ruler, because the war was what led to Egypt

becoming one of the Roman Empire’s provinces.

Before Cleopatra became the queen legends would shroud throughout the rest of time,

she led a life common to most royal children.

Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator was born between the years 70 and 68 B.C. to Ptolemy

XII as the second daughter in her family. Her mother was believed to be Cleopatra V Tryphaena,

possibly Ptolemy XII’s half-sister.

Although Cleopatra VII and her family ruled Egypt, they were not actually Egyptian.

While it is widely believed that Cleopatra VII was of full Macedonian Greek decent, there are

new theories floating around that she was possibly part African.

Egypt came under the rule of Cleopatra’s family when Alexander the Great, who

conquered Egypt, died. Alexander’s territories were split up among his generals. One of his

generals was Ptolemy I, and he was the general who got Egypt.

Under Ptolemy’s rule, Alexandria became Egypt’s new capital. Alexandria became one

of the more spectacular cities in the world, during ancient times, because of him. It had two

harbors near the Pharos lighthouse. These docks, if combined, could hold two thousand, four

hundred ships. Alexandria also had an...

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