Cleod Hardrada Research Paper

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Section 1; Identification and evaluation of sources.
The question of this investigation is : “To what extent did Harald Hardrada's warrior persona and English heritage legitimize his claim to the throne in 1066”?

Harald Hardrada also known as “The Devastator of the Bulgarians” or his old Nord name Harald “Sigurdarson” . The famed warrior of the Viking culture was known for his berserk fighting style known to many lords of England and often resulted in the surrender of small English towns placing a foothold for Hardrada's and his forces to stake his claim to the English throne , over his adversary Harold Godwinson and William , The Duke of Normandy. That due to his family relation to the former King Cnut , thus him being assured a seat on the throne.

The most relevant source for this discussion would be 1066: The year of the conquest by David Howarth and The Norwegian invasion of england by Kelly DeVries , Equally important for this topic would be The Heimskringla : A history of the norse kings by Snorre Sturlason.

Source 1.
The origin of this source from the book titled “1066: The year of the conquest by Howarth, a british Naval officer,
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This Original source offers a useful insight into the norsemen's way of life and how the personas came about with useful showings of character that could allow Harald to stake his claim of leadership. Without the hatred of the outside world who would come to despise the Viking name. Yet this piece may Also offer large legitimacy issues with this document due to the fact that it , being written by Norse scribes and record holders could then boast the leader or the written bout to new heights and roles that of which he never actually or historically
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