Clear Springs, By Bobbie Ann Mason

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The book Clear Springs is about Bobbie Ann Mason’s life growing up in the south after World War II and the changes within her family. Raised in Clear Springs, Kentucky, Mason and her family face many of the same changes economically and culturally experienced by family’s in the south during and after World War II. Changes in women’s roles, popular culture, and population effected every member of Mason’s family.
Prior to World War II women were expected to be housewives by cleaning, cooking, and taking care of children. Women were discouraged to work outside of the home and often judged by the rest of society. Bobbie Ann Mason gives great examples of the duties expected by women of the time period and her grandmother is a perfect model of domesticity. At one point Mason talk about a conversation between her grandmother and mom. Mason’s mom, Christy, decides to go back to work, but her grandmother disapproves and says she should be home taking care of her girls (Mason, 116). Christy on the other hand is an example of the modern woman. A woman willing to go to work outside of the home to help support her family when needed. Christy gets a job at a clothing company. Mason says that many women were leaving the farm and taking work in factories (Mason, 83). During and after World War II many women began to work outside of the home changing the idea of what it meant to be a women and the duties that accompanied.
Popular culture played a big part in Mason’s family and the southern region. Radio and television was introduced and brought about new forms of entertainment, access to world news and enlightenment. Southern people not usually accustomed to many forms of entertainment now had access to new options. Mason talks about many differe...

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... California and New York. She says that they even got great jobs at places like Disney world and Coca-Cola, but they were able to do this because they always remembered their true home (Mason, 41). Even with people leaving small farms and towns for the big cities the never forgot where they came from and could return at any time.
Bobbie Ann Mason’s family faced the challenges of most southern families needing to adapt to changing times and cultures. Mason’s mom was able to adapt to the new idea of women’s role by leave the farm and working for a factory while maintaing her role as a caring mother and housewife. With new forms of entertainment and ideas by popular culture her family was able to stay in touch with changing times. And even though she left home for the big cities like a lot of people Bobbie Ann Mason never forgot her where she came from and her family.