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Clear Channel Entertainment

Stress is typically regarded as being unhealthy for us, but a little bit is actually necessary to survive. Stress is any tension within our body-mind system. Since all activity involves shifting energy by the creation and release of tension, this means that we could not even move without it! Stress itself is not unhealthy unless it is poorly managed, causing extremely high or prolonged states of tension. If allowed to stay out-of-balance, stress can manifest as any number of disturbances and illnesses.

Primary causes of stress within Clear Channel Entertainment are too much irritation, frustration, impulsivity, poor judgments, anxiety, depression and inability to deliver. Physically, stress can lead to knotted muscles of the shoulders and back, eyestrain, headaches and a lowered immune system. These early symptoms, if not addressed, can escalate until they contribute to diseases of all sorts, accidents, and a tendency to self-medicate with powerful drugs that can lead to addictions. Also, too much stress can lead to what is known as "burn out," an experience in which one becomes depressed, unmotivated, physically drained and confused.

The optimal stress level for employees at Clear Channel Entertainment comes from leading a balanced lifestyle. The "symptoms" of a balanced life are regular experiences of: a general sense of well-being; mental clarity and alertness, moderate -to- high physical energy, and; the ability to alter our energy to endure the inevitable stressors that confront all human beings. People who maintain a balanced lifestyle are generally better able to stay clear, focused and calm when under pressure for the simple reason that they are not worn-down to begin with! Our body...

... middle of paper ... to go about it. This will help to keep your body in good, working order. Balance work with play and hobbies that bring to you whatever you are missing in your workrole: relaxation, adventure, time with family, time alone, etc. Spend as much time as possible in nature, for it has a balancing and healing effect on all creatures, including humans. Give yourself permission to relax, and you will find ways to do so.


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