Clean By Hayley Kincain

662 Words

Hayley Kincain, a medium height teenager is the main character in this book. She has brown and blue hair and is also the protagonists. Hayley’s father, Andy, is a tall middle aged man who has fought in the army. He is an alcoholic and has brown hair, just like Hayley. Finn meets Hayley at school, they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Finn is a tall teenager with brown hair also, he is tall and use to be on the swimming team. Finn and Andy are also protagonists and antagonists in this story because they both cause problems and try to solve problems. Hayley’s step mother Trish, her best friend Gracie, and Gracie’s boyfriend Topher are minor characters. This story takes place in a small town called Belmont. It is her hometown it which she grew

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