Claudius's mistakes

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In our world today, a lot has gone downhill. People show many characteristics that puts all of us to shame. In the play of Hamlet, Claudius is a prime example of many of the traits that people look down on today. Envy, greed, and betrayal are all characteristics that Claudius shows throughout the play. He plays a big part that demonstrates us that maybe the downfall for us could be within ourselves. Claudius, who is Hamlet’s uncle, is a very jealous man. Before he dies, his brother has it all. He is the king, and he has a wife he loves. Not only is Claudius green with envy, but he also takes the word envy to a new level. His jealousy leads him to do something that he wouldn’t normally do. If his big secret were to get out, it would dig quite a hole in his royal reputation. Before Claudius takes the responsibility of king, he wasn’t exactly a poor person. Many others would gladly take his place. If he put half the effort into his own life, he would be happy. Instead, his envy leads him into a dark place that he isn’t able to leave. Another disturbing trait of Claudius is greed. H...

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