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Claudius was one of the most important roman emperors, though nobody would of thought he’d come to be so significant like he did. In this essay, three questions will be answered; How Claudius helped lead to Rome’s greatness, what major contributions Claudius made to the field of architecture and/or engineering, and how Claudius also lead to the fall of Rome. Claudius substantially helped Rome grow, and helped do that in many ways. Britain resisted being overtaken by Rome for more than a century, but when Claudius came to power, he conquered them. Britain was an attraction because of the its material wealth, especially the mines and the slaves. In many ways, Claudius succeeded in areas Caesar failed at. During Claudius’s reign, he fixed a lot of problems Rome was facing. He extended citizenship and increased women's privileges, he made major improvements in the judicial system, and passed laws protecting sick slaves. Since he passed certain laws for slaves, anyone who wished to kill their slave instead of take care of them would be tried for murder. Claudius freed the island of Rh...
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