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In our post-conference, I began by asking questions designed to allow Mrs. Andruska to self-assess her teaching, and to foster a conversation that would make her feel like a partner in the evaluation process. These questions included:

1. How did you feel things went during the lesson?
2. What are some examples of things you thought went well?
3. If you had to teach this lesson again, what would you do differently?
4. What were some parts of the lesson that you would want to improve? Do you have ideas on how you could improve upon things?

Mrs. Andruska provided me with a very thorough self-assessment regarding the lesson when she answered these questions. She was proud that the new instructional modifications she incorporated into
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Andruska’s self-assessment, and conversing with her about her strengths and weaknesses throughout the lesson, I shared my recorded data with her. We discussed how my notes also indicated that her modifications were successful in allowing all students to participate and demonstrate learning. I also shared with Mrs. Andruska that I found that she demonstrated many areas of strength throughout the lesson, including establishing a safe classroom environment, utilizing effective planning and organization, and acknowledging student accomplishments with frequent praise. My data also documented how it took longer for some students to answer questions, and how the class became unfocused during theses periods of having to wait for one classmate to comprise their answer. We worked on a collaborative action plan together (see attached) to help her to improve upon the areas needing improvement that were apparent throughout the…show more content…
Andruska questions to foster collaboration between us that would focus on taking her next lesson to a higher level. Questions included:

What do you see as the next step for teaching these students rhythms?
Can you think of some ways to involve more individual creativity into your next lesson?
Have you seen another class where children were taught rhythmic durations that you found particularly engaging? What were some things you witnessed?

Mrs. Andruska told me about a workshop she attended where children were composing their own pieces based on playing their own rhythms, and building upon each others’ ideas. I asked her if they were clapping these rhythms and she mentioned how they were using instruments. We spoke about improvisation and composition, and how incorporating these elements into her next lesson would not only teach the children about more advanced musical concepts, but would keep the entire class actively engaged in the activities through performance.

After our conversation, we collaboratively developed an action plan to assist Mrs. Andruska with improving her instruction in the areas discussed.

The action plan focused on 2 main areas of

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