Classroom Reflection Paper

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The role of a school in today’s society is very structured. Even though he is not talked about much, Horace Mann is best known for establishing the common school, what we call public elementary schools today. Beginning at a young age, children begin going to school and that is where all the routines start. Even things as small as learning not to be late to lunch, will help build their futures. The purpose of education is to transmit society’s knowledge, values, and to start structuring children for our society at a young age. Not only academic wise, but also socially and emotionally being in school helps children to learn how to be organized, structured, and engaged. Children start to learn these traits in their everyday routines beginning…show more content…
Since I am already active in the classroom, I have been presented with the many struggles that exist in today’s society. By the time I graduate, these things will continue to get worse. These struggles include technology, hands on experiences, and social skills. I have seen how technology has made an incredible impact on the way schools, and everyday life functions. There are positive and negative influences with technology. Children are quickly becoming dependent on iPads and cellular devices. These devices are great ways to learn, but can be very addicting if their usage is not monitored. In my classroom, I will definitely allow my children to use iPads and other tablets . But there will be a limit to the amount of time that is allowed each day. I believe that children should be interacting and learning by doing activities in a group as well, this not only gives them a hand’s on experience, but also allows them to interact with their peers. I will also help the children overcome their everyday struggles. I believe that by helping them work their problems out by mentoring them now, it will benefit them in their future. I have learned by working in the school system that some children don’t get to talk to their parents about things that are bothering them because they do not have a positive influence around. I believe that I can train my students to be successful in their…show more content…
I have learned that to succeed as a teacher, you must be professional. There are many ways that you have to be professional: such as an appropriate dress code, being on time, and holding ethical standards. I have also learned that you have to multitask at all times during the day. There is always something that needs to be done, I find myself doing multiple things at once, while subbing, to get everything done on time. To get everything done that needs to be completed through the school year, you have to stay at a rapid pace with your curriculum. There will also be circumstances that come up throughout the day that you will not be prepared for. I have learned that working with a large amount of children, that there will always be someone that needs your help or someone tattling on another
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