Classroom Reflection

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This week’s lesson in the classroom was fresh only in presentation, but not concept. The children had a formal introduction to AB patterns. Maestra Diaz says this is not foreign because it’s a concept we use in a variety of morning routines with the calendar and attendance. This week’s observation on work samples is primarily based on the collection of the last few weeks concept of ‘more and less’ but with added attention to how the children understand the concepts of AB patterns. Teachers sometimes jump to many conclusions when being approached with a concept that is not being grasped by the class or a group. “The result is that we over generalize and engage in uniform instructional and professional development practices (El-Haj, 2003).” (as cited from Langer & Colton, 2005, p.24) In analyzing patiently a child’s work we may find points of learning that may have been thought to not be there because we assumed the entire concept was lost. This strategy may also give us insight into how the other children are obtaining the information and in what ways they may be succeeding. Looking over the last few weeks with the lesson that focused on the quality of numbers I did see a change in the focus students’…show more content…
Maestra Diaz tells me, also, that it is a very important foundation concept for not just math but also in literacy. The worksheet given after the smart board lesson was a very simple direction of concluding what came next in the pattern. The focus children were active in the instruction with the group as I observed but only one was able to successfully complete the patterns on the page. ‘Vincent’ showed some recognition with his coloring in the pattern and circled the correct object to come next in each line, but ‘Alvin’ did not show any understanding in this concept as his colors are random and he made no definitive choice in completing the
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