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Students will be working individually for this lesson, although they can choose to collaborate with peers at their table. Foil • First students there will be a class discussion on sharing. How can we share the container of water? • Next, students will receive a worksheet from the teacher. The teacher will then explain to the students how the students are required to fill in the worksheet. Students can fill out the worksheet when they are done getting their pieces to float or sink. • Students can then grab the piece of foil from the bin on their table. • Next there will be a quick discussion about the material. Is this material going to float or sink? What kind of material is this? • After, students will be required to test it out. • Now…show more content…
Discussion • Once all the students are finished, their will be a class discussion. • First. Originally, did the foil float or sink ? Get students to vote with their feet. • Next, while students are standing in their vote with their feet area. Ask them what did some of you do to make the foil sink? What did the foil look like? • Next, ask did the plasticine float or sink? Vote with your feet. While students are in their vote with their feet area. Ask them, what did some of you do to make the plasticine float? What did the plasticine look like? • Students can then head back to their seats. If there’s time they can look over their worksheet one last time and alter if need be. One student can gather all the worksheet from their table and place it on the teacher’s desk. 15 Students will hand in a completed worksheet for formative assessment. Cliffhanger/Closure Time Assessment of Learning: Assessment of Learning: A completed worksheet that has all required components. • Has met the learner objectives, which is evident in a completed worksheet indication the solutions to each alteration. Transition to Next

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