Classroom Reflection

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Curricular and instructional programming for learners with mild to moderate disabilities in grades 7-12 (Instructional Practice) was one of the few courses that gave me the ability to self evaluate myself and come up with a plan that would help me grow in my field of study. At the beginning of the semester I came up with three areas I believe I needed to improve on, those then became known as goals. One of those goals was to familiarize myself with the common core standards for higher grade. I personally have a strong dislike towards the common core, so it was hard for me to see it through another perspectives. I began this journey by going on websites that explained what the common core was and how it was beneficial to the school systems.…show more content…
This experience gave me the opportunity to shadow on of my classmates (Haley) as she worked with students with IEP’s and accommodation plans in the resource room. I seen her interaction with these students and the great respect they held for her. The best part was seeing how the dynamic changed working with in the resource room and in the classrooms. In the resource room Haley was able to personalize and re-teach material they were learning in the classroom. When they were in the classroom, Haley would be a student taking notes along their side and would help guide her students through the lesson. She would teach them learning strategies that they would then use when in the classroom. When I first began in the education field at Plattsburgh State I never though for one moment of teaching older kids, and after this observation I can honestly see myself interacting well with these students. Through this opportunity I was able to see the way teachers interacted with one another on a personal level and professional one, I also took noticed of the importance of maintaining a clear and detailed communication between different staff members. During my last observation I got to shadow a substitute and it was clear that Haley and her had a mutual understanding of what a regular day looks like. Overall, this experience was just wonderful and I am glad I got the chance of taking part of this
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