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Field Observation Reflection Paper The best way for someone to determine if they really would like to go into a certain field is to observe and talk to others who are already in the discipline. This is especially important for prospective teachers because although you do not realize it as a student, teaching is a very taxing job that requires patience and determination. With a diverse classroom of students who have various levels of knowledge on the subjects being taught and how they grasp those subjects a teacher must be able to meet the needs of these pupils. To meet those requirements the educator must be able to inspire students and have a curriculum that reflects the learning styles of all students. This semester has been helpful in providing me with various ideas for my own classroom and teaching methods. During this semester I was able to observe in a wide variety of classrooms, each visit being at a different school within the County School System. The classes I observed were fourth grade, fifth grade, seventh grade World Geography, high school Geometry, and special education class. I felt that the experience helped me determine whether or not I was truly on the right path. I still felt a pull toward the high school mathematics class which is what I originally planned to teach. Although I now feel like I would be able to handle elementary level students; whereas, I was not sure if I would beforehand. I still have no desire to teach at the middle school level or a special education class. Although I had the realization that I would not mind teaching elementary students I still plan on teaching mathematics because that is where my true passion lies. I find joy in helping student... ... middle of paper ... ... explained to me that he felt he was just trying to teach the curriculum at first and was lecturing a majority of the time. If I am able to determine some activities now it will help me when I begin my job as an educator. Teaching is a very diverse job that requires many skills and a lot of patience. It is important for a teacher to be able to maintain a healthy and professional relationship with their pupils, develop lesson plans that keep the attention of a majority of the students, make the atmosphere of the classroom inviting, and be a welcoming person capable of standing up in front of the class to teach. All of these become part of my goals for development as an educator over the next few years. Looking back at the experience I had in observing, I still have the determination to inspire others through a career in mathematics education.

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