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Two days ago Mrs. Rice's class was outside looking around. Some people in her class saw something that looked like bone. They didn’t think much of it so they went and told other people in their class what they had seen. A few minutes later someone else in their class named Tyson went to go see if it was a bone. Then he picked it up and brought it over to show Mrs. Rice what it was that they had found. Thats how it all began. After he showed her the class went over to where the bone was to see if they could find anymore bones. They did find two more that day. Mrs. Rice told one of the students to come get Ms. Slegona. When Ms. Slegona went out and she told them that the first bone they had found was a mandible or a lower jaw of a mammal. So she showed them the teeth. Then they started thinking what it could be. The first thing that came to mind was “ well we live in Maine so it could be a moose, but if it was a moose when it died wouldn’t the high schoolers have noticed a dead moose?” Then literally like two minutes after Morgan in Mrs. Rice's class had on her iPod touch a picture of a moose’s mandible or lower jaw. Ms. Slegona then said “ That's how we should use technology.” Just looking at the picture Morgan had looked like it was a moose! A perfect match or so we thought. When we found the bones it was momentous or very important because we didn’t know what we would find. It’s atypical or not typical that you find bones lying around near a school. People were enthusiastic about the find and things got havoc and people were not tolerating it well. With everything it was hard to keep our schedule strait. The next day we did more than just look at what we just found. We went over to where they found it and starte... ... middle of paper ... ...s and the knowledge of what we have found out is that it is more likely to be a farm animal such as a cow or a horse then a moose. The reason they think that is because if this was a farm then why would a moose be here. He also mentioned that he had seen wild animals come in the fields so it still could be a moose. We are still going to research more about the land and how the animal became but now that we have more information of what he remembers we can get a better picture of what kind of animal it might be and how it died. When Mr. Hannaford was finished talking about what it was like when he lived here we went out to show him where we found the bones and where we are investigating about the mysterious animal. I wish we had talked to him about the indentation or notch in the mandible. If different animals have a destination with that indentation on their jaw.

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